FAQ for Merchants

What is nPay?

nPay is a payment service provider who operate a powerful payment gateway to perform secure electronic payment processing. We are specialized in providing reliable and robust solution to e-commerce and mobile commerce. We offer a comprehensive yet simple suite of products and services.

What is SCT nPay?

SCT nPay is a new and innovative service launched by nPay in collaboration with SCT, Nepal’s no. 1 and widely used ATM and Merchant Network, for its card holders to do online payment transactions.

How SCT nPay works?

SCT nPay allows merchants/sellers to accept online payment for their services through SCT cards. After signing a Merchant Agreement with nPay, you will need to integrate your website with our gateway. After your customers checkout from your website, they enter Card Number and PIN on nPay secure payment page. When the payment is completed, we will send you an email notification to your registered email address.

What is Merchant Agreement?

Merchant Agreement is an agreement between you and nPay. In the agreement, the terms and conditions on doing business and payment process as well as commission and fee charges are defined and agreed upon by both your establishment and nPay.

What are the differences between physical outlets (e.g. shops) and online store?

Market is becoming global. With brick and mortar stores, you have access to only certain number of customers within the particular geographic location where your store is. After becoming online merchant, virtually, your outlet is everywhere around the globe, in everyone’s desktops, homes, offices and pockets. There is minimum cost to establish online store compared to huge investment in brick and mortar stores. You will be saving on Rent, electricity, staff overhead. Making it possible to reduce the cost of your merchandise so that you can increase your sales/turnover and attract customers to buy from you rather than going to physical stores.

What makes me eligible to start accepting payments through nPay?

Your business must be registered under the laws of Nepal and your registration must be valid. We encourage business primarily focusing on Online Stores.

What do I need to do to start selling with SCT nPay?

First, you need to register with nPay by submitting application. Once we receive your application, our back-office team will review your website and documents and start processing. While reviewing, our team will look at your products and services, checkout process and your policies. After approval and your site is up and running, you are ready to sell your products and services with nPay.

What type of products does nPay supports?

nPay supports physical/electronic goods and services which are not prohibited/restricted by government rules and regulations.

What payment cards are accepted by SCT nPay?

SCT nPay accepts only SCT cards. nPay will inform its merchants as and when nPay is ready to process other payment modes.

What currencies does SCT nPay support?

SCT nPay supports only Nepalese Rupees (NRs) at the moment.

Does SCT nPay provide merchant report?

nPay provides detailed sales report through its merchant portal. It can be exported to different format as PDF, Excel etc. nPay will not provide full PAN (card number) to the merchants to maintain card holder security.

What more does nPay merchant portal provide?

nPay merchant portal lets you change portal password, your API password, signature ID and various other personal information.

What limitations does nPay merchant portal have?

nPay merchant portal does not allow you to change company name which is registered to us. We will not allow you to change other vital information that we require for merchant approval, monitoring and other legal requirements.

What security measures does nPay follow for customer safety?

SCT nPay have following security features:

- Customer enters their PIN code via PIN PAD (key press is not accepted).

- PIN PAD numbers are always displayed in random order. This will avoid key log and shoulder surfing activities.

- Card information are not stored in our gateway.

- Customer must do payment within 120 seconds for timer security. After that customers will be forwarded to error page with session timeout message.

How Secure is nPay gateway webpage?

SCT nPay gateway is hosted in one of the highly secured data center with 256 bit SSL Encryption certificate.

What if online store fails to deliver the purchased merchandise?

Merchant must commit timely and confirmed delivery. Failing to meet the commitment may attract possible legal action by nPay and the associated payment systems. nPay holds the right to black list the merchant with all the information related to the merchant who differs the agreement or involved in fraudulent activities. nPay holds the right to blacklist such establishments with any legal entities in and outside the country if required.

How can nPay help in establishing an online business?

nPay is dedicated to establish a trend in online business and to promote it. nPay will help you in any possible ways to design and in thinking innovation on the online business. nPay has highly skilled web programmers and designers to build your online ecommerce enabled store. We can help you to establish your online presence from registering your domain name to designing your store front and to promote your page.