How does it work

Step 1: Visit our merchant site and while checkout make sure you have selected "SCT nPay"
(below screen shot is from one of our merchant for utility payment) Merchant Checout Site

Step 2: After “Confirm Pay” button it will take you to secured SCT nPay Payment Gateway server.
Make sure domain name is redirected to as highlighted below
SCT nPay Gateway

SCT nPay gateway will ask you to input following:

  1. SCT 16 digits Card Number
  2. Expiry Month and Year (if your card doesn’t have Expiry Month and Year, please contact your Bank to get this information)
  3. PIN NO, using Virtual PIN PAD
SCT nPay maintain session expire after 3 minutes, which means you should enter all those information within 3 minutes and proceed further.

Step3 : After all the information entered, press “Pay” button to proceed the Transaction.
SCT nPay Confirmation

Step4 : Once you press “Pay” button, it will process to connect to bank to get the confirmation.Please wait until you get the response. **DO NOT REFRESH or CLOSE Browse
Confirmation Page

Step5 : After confirmation page, Click “Back to Merchant Site”, to get the receipt from Merchant. At the same time you will also receive email notification upon Successful payment from merchant.
Merchant Receipt