What is nPay?

nPay is a online payment gateway which came into existence in 2014. nPay currently operates a unique payment gateway to provide payment solutions for all types of business environment. We specialize in providing reliable and robust solution which is both quicker as well as secure.

How nPay works?

nPay allows merchants/sellers to accept online payment for their services through various Debit/ Credit Cards, eBanking, mBanking and other banking channels. nPay works as a bridge between various banking channels and provides single payment acceptance module to all types of merchants. All payments are settled periodically as per the agreement between nPay and the merchants.

How does Merchant enroll with nPay?

Merchants can signup and send us a request for enrollment via our website or just by emailing their details at info@npay.com.np. One of our Merchant communication personnel will contact the merchant for various details regarding the business and once everything is in place we send you a merchant agreement along with our proposed fees.

Do we need to be registered to become nPay merchant?

Yes. nPay strictly adheres to the compliance set by Nepal Rastra Bank, thus to enroll with nPay any merchant need to be registered with proper government authority before enrolling with nPay.

What type of businesses/ products/ services does nPay supports?

nPay supports all types of businesses, products or services who want to start accepting payments digitally and which are not against the compliance set by the government of Nepal.

What currencies does nPay support?

nPay currently accepts payments in NPR (Nepalese Rupees) currency only. However nPay also accepts international credit/ debit cards with various currencies under Union Pay International banner, but all settlements are done in NPR.

What types of Payment mode does nPay support?

nPay supports wide variety of payment modes like

  • Debit/ Credit Card Payments,
  • eBanking Payments
  • mobile Banking Payments
  • eWallet Payments
  • QR Payments etc.

All of the following can be achieved with single integration.

Does nPay provide merchant report?

nPay provides detailed sales report through its merchant portal. It can be exported to different format as PDF, Excel etc.

What more does nPay merchant portal provide?

nPay merchant portal lets you change portal password, your API password, signature ID and various other personal information.

How does nPay maintain security of digital transactions?

nPay follows the latest PCI DSS compliance to safeguard consumers security. nPay doesn't store any personal data of Cards/ e-banking or other various channels, thus is completely secure. To explain in brief nPay has following security features:

  • A customer enters their PIN code via PIN PAD (key press is not accepted).
  • PIN PAD numbers are always displayed in random order. This will avoid key log and shoulder surfing activities.
  • Card information is not stored in our gateway.
  • Customer must do payment within 120 seconds for timer security. After that customers will be forwarded to an error page with session timeout message.
  • All eBanking/mBanking transactions are redirected to their respective banks, thus nPay has no storage capacity of any such information.
  • 2FA (2 factor authentication) is required for all e-Banking, m-Banking cases.
  • nPay's gateway is hosted in one of the highly secured data center with 256 bit SSL Encryption certificate.

What if online store fails to deliver the purchased merchandise?

Merchant must commit time and confirmed delivery. Failing to meet the commitment may attract possible legal action by nPay and the associated payment systems. nPay holds the right to blacklist the merchant with all the information related to the merchant who differs the agreement or involved in fraudulent activities. nPay holds the right to blacklist such establishments with any legal entities in and outside the country if required.

How can nPay help in establishing an online business?

nPay is dedicated to establish a trend in online business and to promote it. nPay performs various workshops and tailor fit payment acceptance as per the business needs for your organization. nPay has created an tutorial and sample files in all programming languages for easier integration. Also nPay periodically promotes your business in its webpage and various social media for wider reach.

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