PayLink – A must need for today’s businesses.
PayLink – A must need for today’s businesses.
14th February, 2019

Online Businesses in Nepal.. Let’s talk about it!!

You and I both are aware that there are many Online Shopping site who are doing pretty well via Facebook, many of them doesn’t even have a website let alone an app. Majority (if not all) of their transactions are Cash on Delivery and the bounce back rate or cancellation rate is above 50%.

At nPay we have been trying to solve the problems related to payments since 2014. We are not customer driven company. Our major focus is business digitization and nPay is a complete B2B organization. In 2018 there were a hoard of eWallet & PSP companies that came into rise, such as Khalti, IMEPAY, PrabhuPay, QPay etc. All of them are getting a white-label payment acceptance solution from nPay. Now in 2019 we wanted to go beyond it, beyond the conventional. We wanted to reach those shopping sites who are Facebook based, semi online or Brick & Mortar itself.

So introducing PayLink (on 14th Feb, so “With Love” of-course)

PayLink basically is what is sounds like, a link where a customer can pay. Below are the breakdown of the steps:

(Merchant Side)

  1. Sign up with nPay (Fulfill Basic KYC)
  2. Get Login Credentials
  3. Login and Go to Create a Link
  4. Input Payee Name, Number, Amount and description.
  5. Click on Create Link
  6. Our System Auto Generates a single use Link
  7. Copy the Link and Send via SMS/ FB messenger/ Viber/ Whatsapp etc


(Customer Side)

  1. Payee then clicks on that link
  2. Selects Payment method
  3. Redirects to Bank’s payment page
  4. Login and click Pay
  5. Transaction Complete


Notification of payment status is sent to merchants via email/ SMS.


To do all of the above, no integration is required, however if someone wants to integrate, same can be done as well.

We believe this will help with those aspiring entrepreneurs to grow their business and be more confident in selling online. We look forward to your feedbacks!!

Cheers people!!



Pratap Shrestha